About our Worship

Our Sunday morning service typically lasts about one hour. What do we do in that hour?

We observe the Lord's Supper.
Following the example of the earliest Christians, we commemorate the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ every Sunday by observing the Lord's Supper.

We pray.
Our public prayers are spontaneous and from the heart. We do not use memorized prayers from a liturgy.

We sing praises to God.
Our congregational singing is uplifting and enthusiastic. We sing without any accompanying instruments, as the first Christians did in the early church.

We hear lessons preached from the Bible.
Our preaching and our teaching is Christ-centered, and based only on the Bible.

We give.
Our congregation is funded by the voluntary contribution of our local members. We do not sell any products, nor do we solicit money from our visitors. We do not ask for pledges or tithes. We contribute for our needs voluntarily, following the example and admonition in the Bible.

We have bible classes on Wednesday.