About Our Bible Classes

Bible Classes for all ages, skill, and knowledge levels meet during our regularly scheduled services. Please consult our calendar for dates and times.



  =Self-paced study with facilitators
  =Teacher-led / discussion


  6 mos - 2 years

This is the first time our children are in a formal learning environment. Our goal is to make that a pleasant experience while introducing them to the concepts of God, Jesus and basic Bible principles through singing, pictures and activities.

  2 years - 4 years

At this age, children recognize the names of Jesus and God and enjoy singing the many Bible songs that are taught both by their parents and in class. We try to expand the basic concepts introduced to them in the earliest class by incorporating a more structured Bible curriculum, which utilizes Bible songs, pictures, games, words and concepts to help the child grow in the grace and knowledge of God, and His son, Jesus Christ.

  5 years - 1st grade

The goal of this class is to continue to build on the Biblical concepts and knowledge taught in the previous classes. At this age, children have a broader spectrum of abilities, skills and knowledge, which the teachers help to encourage and develop, introducing new and more complex Bible topics.

  Bible Lab, 2nd grade - Adult
The Bible Lab provides an opportunity for people of all ages to come to a knowledge of God and His plan for mankind. The lab provides learning based on individual ability, making age and school grade irrelevant. The students learn at their own pace and in their own way, with the aid of adult facilitators.
The goal of the Bible Lab is to provide the broadest possible exposure to the Bible and its teachings using a wide variety of media, with emphasis on building a foundation of Bible knowledge and the application of Bible teachings to everyday life. The Lab curriculum provides several different levels of difficulty to challenge both the novice and the scholar.
  Bible Lab Assembly
In addition to the individual studies of the Bible Lab, there is an assembly period for the High School and Middle School students, during which a short lesson is discussed that helps pull all the chronological facts together and provides the 'big picture'. This assembly takes place each week in the last fifteen minutes of the Bible Lab period, and is designed to complement the Bible Lab curriculum.
  High School Topical

These studies are designed to help teenagers deal successfully with the different problems faced in everyday life. It is a topical discussion class which is held once a week, and gives an opportunity for students to discuss things that happen in their lives and helps provide them Biblical solutions to their problems.

  Adult Topical (in auditorium)

The specific goal of the adult Bible study varies from quarter to quarter, but is always based on God's word and His teachings.
There are times when the study might be chapter by chapter in-depth study of an individual book of the Bible. At other times the study might focus on what the Bible has to say on a particular topic, or address a current spiritual need to better equip us as Christians. Whatever the method, the ultimate goal is to build faith by a greater knowledge of God's word, as well as encourage all to grow spiritually.