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Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
11/13/22 Psalms and Jesus Tommy Peeler N/A Sun Bible Study 20221113TPBC.mp3 Sun-class-Psalms_and_Jesus.pptx
03/13/22 Christianity, Culture and Common Ground Don Truex N/A Sun Bible Study 20220313DTBC.mp3 Christianity_Culture_and_Common_Ground.pptx
06/30/21 Titus 2:1-5 Glenn Bruns N/A Wed Bible Study 20210630nnBC.mp3
08/27/17 Lesson 9 Robert Harkrider N/A Sun Bible Study 20170827RHBC.mp3
03/26/17 Understanding the Call to Holiness Seth Mauldin N/A Sun AM 20170326SMBC.mp3 THOHCU_L_1.pptx
06/29/16 Mark Lesson 23 Greg Kreis N/A Wed Bible Study 20160629GKBC.mp3
03/13/16 Worship Is A Response Dan Chaney Meeting March 2016 Sun AM 1._Worship_Is_A_Response_Roswell.pptx 20160313BCDC.mp3
09/27/15 A Call to Change - Lesson 1 Bubba Garner Jesus Calls Us Sun AM 20150927BGBS.mp3
07/05/15 Timothy Devin Leiding N/A Sun AM 1_Timothy_1.pptx 1_Timothy_2.pptx 1_Timothy_3.pptx 1_Timothy_4.pptx 1_Timothy_5.pptx 1_Timothy_6.pptx 1_Timothy_Introduction.pptx
03/11/15 Proverbs Greg Kreis N/A Wed Bible Study 20150311GKBS.mp3
03/08/15 Proverbs Bible Study Greg Kreis N/A Sun Bible Study 20150308GKBS.mp3
03/01/15 The Draw of Gods House Josh Creel Surrounded by Faithfulness - Gospel Meeting 3/1/15 Gospel Meeting 1_Sunday_Class.pptx 20150301JCBC.mp3
02/04/15 Heart Greg Kreis N/A Wed Bible Study 20150204GKWPM.mp3
09/28/13 Joshua 22: How to resolve conflict Ralph Walker Consider One Another Gospel Meeting 20130928RWGM.mp3
11/11/12 Righteous Concern vs. Sinful Worry Tim Norman N/A Sun Bible Study 20121111BS.mp3